Seeing Aura around objects and living beings

 Aura is the colorful oval shaped energetic field around the body which radiated different colors from 6 to 18 inches outside the physical body. Regular practising yoga, meditation to balance or cleanse chakras or centers, thoughts as self love, happiness reflects positive vibes and increases consciousness activity. Each color of aura has its own significance and meaning with interesting facts. There are many exercising for brain to begin seeing the aura such as gazing at a black spot on white background for 30 to 60 seconds with no strain or rubbing palms together generates energy between the hands. These practices help to strengthen your intuitive abilities. People who can see auras around people can heal bodies by manipulating energy fields. Feel refresh, get proper sleep, meditate, eat balanced diet, stay positive, spend time with children or pets to feel blissful and loved, do daily exercise for flexibility.


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