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Contact beyond 3 dimensional world through meditation

Meditation is a portal to discover ourselves as a spiritual being(real home) living in a physical body and feel the actual rejuvenation and keep mind serene by feeling away from this hectic world and this is called disconnect with 3 dimensional consciousness to enlighten yourself with heaven’s light(light of God).This method lets energy flows in the 7 energy centres in our body Contact with the spiritual world requires our subconscious state of mind. It is said that people with kind thoughts and good deeds can make contact with their guardian angels or deceased loved ones easily and this come under positive spiritual influences.
Mediation spread frequencies through sub-planes ranging from lower to higher vibration of fourth dimension with love at top frequency and fear at base as:
Causal/Spiritual Plane: abstract thought and the Higher Human form
Mental Plane: concrete thought and lower mind
Astral/Emotional Plane: emotions
Kingdom of Faerie: imagination, rest and recreation
Lower Astral Plane: fear and negative emotions
Etheric Plane: interface between third and fourth dimensions
It is also believed that people with continuous practice can be able to see and hear what others cannot. But it requires proper guidance as it may be disturbing for them. 4 dimensions is quite real not an imaginative world and our mirror higher bodies are alive in the fourth dimension as you must have heard about time travel in science. All this is possible because of our latent power in mind to perceive and navigate through this dimension.And meditation aids our consciousness and awareness of the higher dimensions . Our feeling like love in which we feel blissful has the ability to raise high states of consciousness leads to high frequency.The fourth dimension environment is  the less dense one since there is less matter hence faster vibrations.Inner love is so important to make things real as we heard about in law of attraction concept. In the same way, we can see aura of colors around the physical body and other life forms. Finally, as holy books say 5th dimension is the doorway to heaven, the magical world where we have luminous light bodies and miracles happens for example there are true stories like miracles from heaven, heaven is for real shows this where remission occurs.


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