Biokinesis technique of brain power lets us have the ability to change eye color as blue, brown, hazel green etc, hair color, skin color or even shape your appearance. Like telekinesis, it wants your meditation time which allows us to control our thoughts and calm our mind away from the complicated surroundings. It works to make changes into your underlying DNA and chromosomes but all it requires your dedication as well as regular practice for unto 6 months for complete change. The practice involves subliminal images or audio such as sounds of piano, flowing water and soothing music to manifest the transformation. Belief is the key to achieve the expected results. And these self hypnosis examples really work. Thus the meditation can control our creation just like our personality.
Practice to change eye color to green:

People with psychic powers have the ability to move objects for an instance bending spoons. Learning this technique requires concentration and practice for everyday. Believing and visualizing are the other keys. This all come by meditation for 15 to 30 minutes to clear your mind. First exercise is to test your patience of focusing on an object, manifestation of changing its movement or shape and try.
Another exercise is to warm up by rubbing your hand palms to make the energy field and endeavor to form a ball while concentrating on this feeling. You may use psi-wheel, pen or candle to practice by clearing your mind and connecting with the object with energy waves flowing from your brain.

 Aura is the colorful oval shaped energetic field around the body which radiated different colors from 6 to 18 inches outside the physical body. Regular practising yoga, meditation to balance or cleanse chakras or centers, thoughts as self love, happiness reflects positive vibes and increases consciousness activity. Each color of aura has its own significance and meaning with interesting facts. There are many exercising for brain to begin seeing the aura such as gazing at a black spot on white background for 30 to 60 seconds with no strain or rubbing palms together generates energy between the hands. These practices help to strengthen your intuitive abilities. People who can see auras around people can heal bodies by manipulating energy fields. Feel refresh, get proper sleep, meditate, eat balanced diet, stay positive, spend time with children or pets to feel blissful and loved, do daily exercise for flexibility.

Achieve balance within yourself ahead of you bring balance to the world with new and clear vision. And it is believed to drink onion and banana juice as it helps to purify the 7 chakras or centers that go up the body. Each chakra is blocked by some kind of emotion and opening them is like intense experience.
Earth/Root chakra at the base of the spine is deal with the survival, so it controls health and prosperity and is blocked by fear. So the first step is to let your fears flow down the creak.
Water/Sacral chakra is responsible for pleasure blocked by guilt so learn to forgive yourself to have positive influence on the world.
Fire/ Power chakra located in the stomach above the naval region deals with willpower blocked by what you are ashamed of. Deny this part of life. You need to accept and love all aspects of who you are, even your mistakes because you are the avatar.
Heart/Air chakra is located at the heart or at the center of the chest deal with love and compassion blocked by grief, anger, jealousy, fears of betrayal, and loneliness. Release all your sadness and loss but love is the form of energy which is still inside of your heart. Let the pain flow away.
Sound/throat chakra in throat deal with truth and is blocked by lies. Release all self rejection and the lies you tell yourself or own nature.
Light/The Third Eye Chakra in center of forehead deals with insight or understanding and is blocked by illusion of separation. We are all one and the same people since we all are connected in fact every element is connected.
Crown/Thought chakra is located at the crown of the head deals with pure positive energy and is blocked by the earthly attachment. Remember, learn to let them go and surrender yourself. It helps to have absolute power over your feelings and deeds. Now you are able to connect your perfect or higher self through the very consciousness.
Mantras to open respective chakras are as “LAM”- chakra 1, “VAM”- chakra 2, “RAM”- chakra 3, “YAM”- chakra 4, “HAM”- chakra 5 and “OM”- chakra 6 and chakra 7.